Swaying gently in a hammock with a drink, a good book, or just the inside of your eyelids, is the perfect way to while away an afternoon. Whether in your home or garden, hammocks make a stylish and relaxing seating choice for all occasions.

There are several ways to hang a hammock, each with their own pros and cons. You can use tree straps, ropes and anchors outside, or, if hanging it inside, you can install hooks on the ceiling, on which to tie the hammock ropes.

From your backyard or deck, to your porch, or even your bedroom, read on to find out how to hang a hammock, anywhere in your home.

Tree straps

Positioned between two trees has to be the most traditional and iconic set up for your hammock. If you’re blessed with trees in your backyard, you can use tree straps and/or ropes, to create sturdy anchors for your hammock.

Tree straps should be mounted at least 1.2m high, so that you are not resting on the ground when lying in your hammock, and at equal heights, to ensure your hammock is level. The eyes (hanging loops) of your hammock should usually be between 1.5 – 3.5m apart, depending on the size of the hammock.


If you have overhead tree branches or porch beams in your garden, you may also be able to tie the hammock directly to these, using rope threaded through each eye of the hammock. You will need to knot the rope securely in place, or use carabiners.


For those who don’t have any suitable trees or beams, another option is to use a freestanding stand. This can be an indoor or outdoor solution, providing you have enough space, and can also allow you to move your hammock around (with a little effort!) Either purchase a compatible stand separately, or choose one of our freestanding hammocks, which come with a stand included, and are capable of holding up to 200kg.

Ceiling hooks

The easiest way to hang a hammock inside is to install ceiling hooks. You will need to install two secure hooks at a suitable distance apart, and then use rope or carabiners to attach the hooks to each eye of your hammock.


How to hang a hammock without a stand?

To hang a hammock without a stand, you can make use of tree straps, ropes or hooks, to fix the hammock to whatever anchoring points you have available. These points must far enough apart that the middle of the hammock is at least 40 cm above the ground, when empty.

How to hang a hammock without drilling holes?

Installing hammock hooks might not be option for everyone – particularly those in rented accommodation – so it can be useful to know how to hang a hammock, without drilling holes. To do this, you can use ropes and straps wrapped around existing trees, fence posts or porch beams, or you can purchase a freestanding hammock stand.

How to hang a Brazilian hammock?

Brazilian hammocks are woven hammocks with gathered ends, often featuring bold, colourful designs. They should be hung with the eyes closer together, to create a deep sag that allows you to lie diagonally and be enveloped by the hammock, for a highly relaxing experience.

How to hang a Mexican hammock?

Brightly-coloured Mexican hammocks will add a tropical touch to your home, and can be hung in any of the above ways. If you’ve chosen one of our Mexican hammock chairs, which come with a spreader bar, you will only need a single anchoring point – whether that’s a tree branch, or a ceiling hook.

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